Areas of Expertise

Urban Planning Law

With the diffusion of the urban planning legislation of our cities and its constant improvement, legal advice has become essential to facilitate the implementation of urban policy instruments, serving both public and private requirements. Urban planning law is an area that affects small businesses and residences, as well as major real state undertakings that change the dynamics of the city.

EZ Advogados has a strong presence in this area and holds the expertise to verify the adequacy of design or construction in relation to the legal system, working always in conjunction with the city halls in the licensing stages. We provide consultations concerning the compatibility of projects and the regularization of buildings that have already been completed, as well as assisting clients in matters involving the historical preservation of properties.

We develop strategies for the approval and licensing of projects on the basis of existing alternatives in urban planning legislation while also seeking greater efficiency in matters related to time and tax costs.

Our work also involves the issuance of Certificates of Completion of Work and Building Permits, procurement of permits with historical preservation entities and environmental agencies, and the preparation of Tax Declarations of Completion of Work to make the collection of tributes more efficient and appropriate to the reality of the project.

Our in-depth knowledge in this area allowed us to work with permits for projects involving extreme complexity, such as airport infrastructure undertakings, large real estate ventures, shopping malls, sports clubs, hospitals, educational institutions, and real estate investment funds. We also represent our clients in administrative defenses against infraction notices and in lawsuits involving urban planning law, particularly in relation to licensing and fines.

Institutional and Governmental Relations

The institutional and governmental relations arm of the firm seeks to define strategies and advice on projects regarding the administrative procedures required to be followed for the licensing of works with the city halls.

Our work consists of creating understanding regarding legislation in concert with municipal professionals who work in the licensing of the project, in situations of divergence from the application of a law. In this sense, the correct judicial understanding of the legality of the application of decrees, ordinances, and other norms is essential in order to ensure the application of the law to the project in consideration for licensing.

We also develop strategies and direct action with the public sector in the defense of civil society during the drafting and amendment of legislation for the use and occupation of the soil; the creation of urban operations; reviews of the Master Plan; changes in laws of zoning and buildings; and other laws that affect a specific group of stakeholders. Our practice includes the preparation of legal advice, the creation and defense of theses in public hearings or public commissions, and the formulation of memos for distribution to the authorities who are involved in the process of creating norms.


Within the urban planning and environmental law, the aviation sector needs legal support for the viability of undertakings with respect to the licenses and regarding regulatory issues with the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and the Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SAC).

EZ Advogados prepares the legal instruments that are necessary for the implementation of infrastructure projects, such as those for heliports and helipads, and serving domestic and international air taxi companies and several operators in the segment of air transport. In this sense, we represent our clients in various administrative processes and before various bodies and local authorities at the federal, state, and municipal levels.

Contencioso Cível

Our team is constantly updated with changes to the Brazilian civil procedural law. We operate at all instances of the judiciary, including the higher courts, particularly in matters involving contracts—consumers, real estate businesses, urban development rules, administrative fines, administrative law, and banking law—as well as other issues related to the requirements of our clients.

We also offer advice and consultation to prevent lawsuits or to enter into agreements and transactions, always with the aim of ensuring the interests and rights of our clients and reducing time and costs in the settlement of disputes.

Administrative Law

We operate in various branches of public law, whether in the administrative sphere or in the judiciary, with vast knowledge of the complex regulations of these sectors. We advise our clients on regulatory issues with the public administration bodies and authorities, striving for customized solutions all along. Therefore, we constantly invest in updating our team regarding the applicable norms, as well as in interacting with agents and public bodies, to be always aligned with every operation of bureaucratic issues pertaining to the requirements of our clients.

We provide consultation and operate in judicial and administrative processes, with a focus on issues involving environmental and urban licensing, public assets, civil liability of the state, administrative servitude, historical preservation, along with other matters of administrative law.

Real Estate Law

In addition to advice with a focus on urban planning legislation, our team also operates in the area of real estate law, working in cases of real estate auditing, acquisitive prescription, implementation of allotments, and drafting contracts for leasing and for buying and selling—always with special attention to risks and the urban conditions that are necessary to guarantee our clients’ interests.

Our team also has extensive litigation and advisory expertise in the requirements involving areas of real estate law, mainly regarding the areas of environmental and urban planning law, essential for complete support in matters of real estate.

Corporate Law

In the legal–economic scenario in Brazil, it is crucial for companies to have a consultancy firm available that specializes in corporate issues to implement their plans of action and growth strategies in the difficult journey that conducting a business is in our country, and which constitutes a challenge for all companies, large and small, including start-ups and all those who seek a new business model. With this, EZ Advogados assists its clients with the establishment of companies, obtaining licenses, registering capital, opening accounts, planning corporate succession, providing guidance to companies on routine matters—including partnership modification, registration record updates, organization of books and corporate documents, preparation of joint venture contracts, vesting, and various other corporate affairs.

Tax Law

The tax law unit of the firm is a complement to taking care of urban planning issues. Our main activity covers IPTU, ITBI, ITCMD, ISS, and INSS tributes that particularly affect buildings and projects.

One of the fronts of the firm that are seeing action is its in-depth analysis into all of the quantitative aspects of the IPTU, in conjunction with the floorplan of the property, to verify the legality of the taxation amount on the basis of the competent municipal law.

Another activity of the firm consists in the administration of tax payments during work for the purposes of confirming the payment of ISS and INSS taxes when the work is completed.

Not infrequently, the city halls, on an impulse to increase tax collection, end up overtaxing real estate entrepreneurs and owners of buildings. Therefore, the firm specializes in the correct calculation of taxes (a process that is very complex indeed) in administrative and judicial appeals of tax charges and in the creation of legal defenses that challenge those charges.